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Toddler equipment

Toddler equipment ___
High chair (reclined)

Hire our complete toddler care survival kit:

A Phil & Teds 3 wheel buggy (second child seat available),

A child's racing car style car seat (also available in hot pink),

Either a portable high chair or a not so portable but ever so funky variable height / reclining high chair that looks as though it belongs on a 1970s spaceship (and just pefect for that post prandial snooze!),

A Trebimbi club meal set,


Either a duck-styled musical trainer potty or a frog-themed set of toilet steps and seat
(delivered sterilized from previous use and smelling of roses!)

All items delivered and assembled / explained as required by our own people (no couriers) in centraL or west London (incl Heathrow Airport)

Phil & Teds pushchair_ + _car seat+High chairs + _ + Potties++

All for £60 for the first week
(£90 for a fortnight or for 2 children)

If we don’t have exactly what you want please suggest it.

We may buy it specially for you!

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Our terms in a nutshell

On receipt of the above form we shall contact you by telephone to discuss your exact requirements. Terms, once agreed, shall be emailed to you for confirmation. Delivery and collection by arrangement to the following postcode areas:


including evening and weekend delivery, delivery to workplaces, hotels etc is included in the hire price.

However if you require same day or next day delivery and as a result we need to make a special trip or pay the congestion charge we may ask you to agree a surcharge up to £20 when agreeing your order. For deliveries further afield or collection, contact us for a quote - we'll do what we can.

Payment of the hire fee will be made by debit card on delivery of the item(s) and we will require you to produce photo identification and recent proof of residence. You will further be asked to sign an authorization that we deduct from your debit card account the value - to be specified by telephone and in our confirmation email - of items you are unable for any reason to return to us in a rehireable condition at the agreed time.

But don't worry about cleaning the item (so long as it is reasonably hygienic to transport) or trying to treat minor scuffs and scratches. We prefer to care for our products ourselves.

Click on the little beaky chap with the pencilcase, inkpot and the forfeited foot for our full terms and conditions.